Stock Selection Top 5% US – May 2021 ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Stock Selection US – May 2021 ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

โžก These are the stocks making the top 5%, according to the RQM strategy.

In order to provide a more detailed analysis and follow some of the conventions on the markets, we bring the following novelties:

  • Results split into Micro, Medium and Large Companies
  • A downloadable CSV to check in detail all the companies analyzed.

The universe of investable companies: NYSE, NASDAQ & AMEX.

This month again really few BUYERS. However, given the vast amount of companies analyzed, the ones selected are meant to be really high-quality ones and it’s always worth keeping them on the radar.

Top Stock Selection Micro CAPS US < 500M ๐Ÿฅ‰

This month none of the top 5% are in a BUY status. ๐Ÿ™„

THRYThryv Holdings IncInternet Content & Information1.311251705HOLD91.1578947498.3157894799.47368421
KIRKKirkland's IncSpecialty Retail26.42857177HOLD91.5789473797.3684210599.31578947
LIVELive VenturesSpecialty Retail6.829187677HOLD9296.2105263299.15789474
RCKYRocky Brands IncFootwear & Accessories18.40909144HOLD97.1578947489.4736842198.84210526
AVNWAviat Networks IncCommunication Equipment25.06573847HOLD87.8947368498.4210526398.73684211
PBFXPBF Logistics LPOil & Gas Midstream6.530958278HOLD92.8947368493.0526315898.63157895
CUROCuro Group Holdings CorpCredit Services7.951138087HOLD97.5789473787.4736842198.52631579
NATRNature S SunshineHousehold & Personal Products19.44859763HOLD92.526315799298.42105263
HGBLHeritage Global IncCapital Markets10.43333371HOLD96.6315789587.7894736898.31578947
MNManning & Napier IncAsset Management24.01360525HOLD95.1052631685.7894736897.78947368
WVVIWillamette ValleyBeveragesโ€”Wineries & Distilleries28.54030584HOLD88.1052631692.4210526397.57894737
VTSIVirtra Systems IncAerospace & Defense31.05263208HOLD96.4210526383.1578947497.31578947
SGRPSpar Group IncSpecialty Business Services10.62893118HOLD86.3684210593.1578947497.15789474
RMRegional Managment CorpCredit Services16.13749981HOLD88.3684210590.4210526396.94736842
NBLXNoble Midstream Partners LPOil & Gas Midstream9.663752445HOLD87.5789473789.3684210596.31578947
TAITTaitron ComponentsElectronics & Computer Distribution17.58620657HOLD95.4736842181.4736842196.31578947
NAIINatural AlternativPackaged Foods26.69039146HOLD86.6842105390.2105263296.10526316
BGFVBig 5 SportingSpecialty Retail7.100775076HOLD81.7368421194.8421052695.89473684
NVECNve CorpSemiconductors31.03406277HOLD94.5263157980.5263157995.57894737
CPRXCatalyst Pharm IncBiotechnology6.450704118HOLD99.2631578974.2105263295.15789474
ARCAmerican Reprographics CompanySpecialty Business Services15.57142905HOLD83.5789473789.6842105395.05263158

Download US Micro May 2021 full table


Top Stock Selection Medium CAPS US [500M –ย  10B] ๐Ÿฅˆ

Only one clear BUYER.

XPER: Xperi Holding (San Diego, CA) operates as a consumer and entertainment product/solutions licensing company worldwide. It operates through two segments, Product, and Intellectual Property Licensing. The company invents, develops, and delivers various technologies. It licenses audio, digital radio, imaging, edge-based machine learning, and multi-channel video user experience solutions to consumer electronics customers, automotive manufacturers, or supply chain partners. The company also provides licensing to multichannel video programming distributors.

FLGTFulgent Genetics IncDiagnostics & Research8.644219601HOLD99.8295.66724437100
LPXLouisiana-Pacific CorpBuilding Products & Equipment14.77129983HOLD99.1334488795.4072790399.91334489
ENVAEnova International IncCredit Services2.926245763HOLD98.0935875294.540727999.74003466
ATKRAtkore International GroupElectrical Equipment & Parts18.94482061HOLD91.6811091999.306759199.65337955
HIBBHibbett Sports IncSpecialty Retail18.22247636HOLD96.8804159493.84748799.52339688
HZOMarinemax IncSpecialty Retail10.43925735HOLD99.4800693290.7279029599.39341421
UCTTUltra Clean HoldingsSemiconductor Equipment & Materials27.02116386HOLD93.0675909996.5337954999.3067591
BKEBuckle IncApparel Retail15.76691678HOLD98.8734835487.001733198.87348354
EAFGraftech International LtdElectrical Equipment & Parts7.851852017HOLD96.1005199388.8214904798.74350087
IIINInsteel IndustriesSteel & Iron19.9529048HOLD94.1074523490.8145580698.74350087
EVREvercore Partners IncCapital Markets13.04748649HOLD99.6533795583.8821490598.35355286
WESWestern Midstream Partners LPOil & Gas Midstream16.58783732HOLD85.4419410797.6603119698.18024263
CRAICra InternationalConsulting Services26.14332317HOLD90.381282591.5944540798.09358752
NMRKNewmark Group Inc Cl AReal Estate Services27.56410256HOLD85.6585788695.4939341497.9202773
WDWalker & DunlopMortgage Finance14.4185742HOLD98.0069324180.5025996597.31369151
ANAutonation IncAuto & Truck Dealerships10.47959948HOLD93.3275563384.0554592796.96707106
KEKimball ElectrncElectrical Equipment & Parts15.90186609HOLD90.5545927286.308492296.79376083
AGCOAgco CorpFarm & Heavy Construction Machinery25.82654835HOLD89.3414211486.9150779996.57712305
BCEIBonanza Creek Energy IncOil & Gas E&P6.684848516HOLD88.8214904786.5684575496.40381282
SNBRSleep Number CorpFurnishings, Fixtures & Appliances18.69819509BUY96.1871750479.2027729696.40381282
FIXComfort Systems USAEngineering & Construction18.95512097HOLD90.6412478383.9688041696.10051993
OSKOshkosh Truck CorpFarm & Heavy Construction Machinery26.87473009HOLD89.4280762684.6620450696.01386482
XPERXperi Holding CorpSemiconductor Equipment & Materials11.74285671BUY98.613518274.6100519995.84055459
BSMBlack Stone Minerals LPOil & Gas E&P21.04508291HOLD90.1681.2824956795.58058925
WDRWaddell & Reed FinancialAsset Management23.12962921BUY97.5773.0502599795.14731369

Download US Medium May 2021 full table


Top Stock Selection Large CAPS US > 10B ๐Ÿฅ‡

Only one clear BUYER.

TER: Teradyne designs, develops, manufactures, sells, and supports automatic test equipment worldwide. The company operates through Semiconductor Test, System Test, Industrial Automation, and Wireless Test segments. The Semiconductor Test segment offers products and services for wafer level and device package testing in automotive, industrial, communications, consumer, smartphones, computer and electronic game, and other applications.

LBConsumer CyclicalApparel Retail21.97HOLD98.8698.5399.84
WSMConsumer CyclicalSpecialty Retail19.83HOLD99.5196.7399.67
AMATTechnologySemiconductor Equipment & Materials31.74HOLD93.0699.5199.51
LRCXTechnologySemiconductor Equipment & Materials26.23HOLD95.4294.1299.35
LPLAFinancial ServicesCapital Markets26.74HOLD85.4698.0499.02
SNAIndustrialsTools & Accessories19.08HOLD97.5578.5997.79
MSFinancial ServicesCapital Markets10.80HOLD82.3590.2096.57
RJFFinancial ServicesCapital Markets21.22HOLD82.8489.7196.57
URIIndustrialsRental & Leasing Services26.23HOLD80.0789.2295.75
PHMConsumer CyclicalResidential Construction11.42HOLD97.0672.0695.59
GOOGCommunication ServicesInternet Content & Information32.12HOLD89.5479.4195.42
TERTechnologySemiconductor Equipment & Materials29.22BUY96.9069.9395.10

Download US Large May 2021 full table


Now your turn:

  • Has any of those companies a business model you fully understand?
  • Do they have a competitive advantage with respect to their competitors?
  • Do they operate in industries where you already have enough exposure?
  • Are they diversified companies (country and currency wise)?
  • Did they seize any advantage during the latest downturn?

Remember:ย You have the last word and the responsibility of your investments is up to you. The RQM System โ€œonlyโ€ suggests a set of stocks with a high probability of being long-term winners.

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