Stock Selection Top 5% EUR – November 2021 🇪🇺

Stock Selection EUR – November 2021 🇪🇺

➡ These are the stocks making the top 5%, according to the RQM strategy.

In order to provide a more detailed analysis, we provide some additional information:

  • Results split into Micro, Medium and Large Companies
  • A downloadable CSV to check in detail all the companies analyzed.


Top Stock Selection Micro CAPS EUR < 200M 🥉

This month 4 clear BUYERs 😃, some of them already known Stock pickers. (IPR.LS & HOLCO.AS, Oct 2021)

ALMGI.PA: MG International (La Ciotat, France) produces pool equipment. The company offers pool cleaning solutions, such as electric robots; safety systems consisting of alarms; and automatic pool covers under the Dolphin, Aqualife, Aquasensor, and Aqualarm brand names. It serves shops and pool builders through Youtube, email, Web site, phone, and offices in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, and the United States.

IPR.LS: Impresa operates in the media industry in Portugal. The company operates through Television, Publishing, and Others segments.

HOLCO.AS: Holland Colours N.V. (1979, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands) manufactures, distributes, and sells color concentrates in Europe, the Middle East, India, Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. The company offers colorants for the building and construction industry, including profiles, pipes, tubing and fittings, sheets, siding, cladding, sealants, flooring, and insulation, as well as solutions for a wide range of polymers.

LNS1L.VS: AB Linas (1957, Panevezys, Lithuania) produces and sells linen textile products in Lithuania. It offers weaving preparation services, weaving services, yarn dyeing services, fabric finishing services, and sewing services. The company also exports its products to Great Britain, Latvia, Sweden, Japan, Spain, Finland, Germany, Belgium, the United States, Denmark, and internationally.

SAF1R.RGSAF TehnikaLatviaCommunication Equipment20.17HOLD96.9697.97100.00
ALITL.PAIT LINKFranceInformation Technology Services29.53HOLD93.5898.9999.66
ALMGI.PAMG INTERNATIONALFranceSecurity & Protection Services12.86BUY98.6589.5399.16
ALUMS.PAUMANISFranceInformation Technology Services21.71HOLD91.5596.6299.16
SKN1T.TLNordic FibreboardEstoniaFurnishings, Fixtures & Appliances4.21HOLD84.4699.6698.31
CBAV.MCGRUPO CLINICA BAVIERASpainDiagnostics & Research11.08HOLD92.9190.8897.97
ENVI.ASENVIPCONetherlandsPollution & Treatment Controls4.69HOLD97.9783.7897.30
HOLCO.ASHOLLAND COLOURSNetherlandsSpecialty Chemicals14.76BUY93.2486.1596.45
SFG1T.TLSilvano Fashion GroupEstoniaApparel Retail13.88HOLD99.3280.0796.45
LNS1L.VSLinasLithuaniaTextile Manufacturing4.53BUY94.9383.1195.95

Download EUR Micro August 2021 full table


Top Stock Selection Medium CAPS EUR [200M –  3000M] 🥈

This month again 4 clear BUYERs 😃, from which three of them repeat from last month (HLAG.DE, EQV1V.HE, SWP.PA)

HLAG.DE: Hapag-Lloyd operates as a liner shipping company worldwide. Its vessel and container fleets are used for the transportation of general and special cargo, various dangerous goods, and coffee, as well as reefer cargo covering pharmaceuticals. As of June 10, 2021, the company fleet comprised 241 container ships with a total capacity of 1.7 million twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU); and a container capacity of approximately 2.8 million TEU. Hapag-Lloyd Aktiengesellschaft was founded in 1847 and is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.

EQV1V.HE: EQ Oyj is a publicly owned investment manager. The firm was formerly known as Amanda Capital Oyj. eQ Oyj was founded in 2000 and is based in Helsinki, Finland.

SWP.PA: Sword Group S.E. provides IT services and software in Europe, the United States, the Oceania, and Asia. Its products include Sword GRC, a governance, compliance, and enterprise risk management solution;  Sword Group S.E. was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Windhof, Luxembourg.

MCM.MC: Miquel y Costas & Miquel (1725, Barcelona, Spain) engages in the manufacture, trading, and sale of fine and specialty lightweight papers in Spain and internationally. It operates through Tobacco Industry, Industrial Products, and Other segments. The company offers papers for the cigarette industry; printing, rolling, and specialty papers; and specialty textile pulps for industrial uses, as well as colored papers and cardboards.

Download EUR Medium September 2021 full table

IAM.PAMAROC TELECOMMoroccoTelecom Services2.11HOLD94.75100.00100.00
HBH.DEHORNBACH HOLDING ST O.N.GermanyHome Improvement Retail10.52HOLD96.7992.1399.42
HLAG.DEHAPAG-LLOYD AG NA O.N.GermanyMarine Shipping9.73BUY99.7183.9798.54
VIRP.PAVIRBACFranceDrug Manufacturers—General23.82HOLD89.8091.8498.25
TEM1V.HETecnotree OyjFinlandSoftware—Application26.55HOLD80.9099.4297.67
NRO.PANEURONESFranceInformation Technology Services27.32HOLD88.3489.8097.23
SWP.PASWORD GROUPLuxembourgSoftware—Application7.61BUY98.2579.8897.23
DVT.PADEVOTEAMFranceInformation Technology Services33.99HOLD81.4996.5096.79
EQV1V.HEeQ OyjFinlandAsset Management29.02BUY93.2983.3896.50
MCM.MCMIQUEL Y COSTAS MIQUELSpainPaper & Paper Products9.92BUY97.6775.5195.92
ASPO.HEAspo OyjFinlandConglomerates17.99HOLD82.2289.5095.63
COR.LSCorticeira AmorimPortugalLumber & Wood Production24.14HOLD84.8485.7195.04

Top Stock Selection Large CAPS EUR >  3000M 🥇

This month there isn’t any company making the top 5% on the Large section. Again, the PER criteria is filtering out the majority of our candidates.

TELIA1.HETelia CompanySwedenTelecom Services26.23HOLD95.8095.3899.16
ENX.PAEURONEXTNetherlandsFinancial Data & Stock Exchanges22.47HOLD97.9087.3998.74

Download EUR Large September 2021 full table


Now your turn:

  • Has any of those companies a business model you fully understand?
  • Do they have a competitive advantage with respect to their competitors?
  • Do they operate in industries where you already have enough exposure?
  • Are they diversified companies (country and currency wise)?
  • Did they seize any advantage during the latest downturn?

Remember: You have the last word and the responsibility of your investments is up to you. The RQM System “only” suggests a set of stocks with a high probability of being long-term winners.

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