The Sleepy Portfolio


Skin in the game

All my personal investments in the Stock Markets follow point by point the Relaxed Quality – Momentum (RQM) strategy. 

Historical Performance
Annual Return5.03 %
Annual Volatility19.17 %
Current Allocation
Cash EUR22.22 %
Stocks EUR54.53 %
Stocks USD23.23 %

I launched the Sleepy Portfolio in July 2017. Before that, I had been investing in the Stock Markets without any clear strategy, purchasing the stocks that looked to me more attractive and selling them after some profits or wost, in panic after a sudden plunge.

At some point, I felt that I had no longer control of what I was doing and I determined to clear all my stocks and start investing following a pre-defined strategy.

In August 2020 I started investing in the US market (S&P 500). Before that, all my stocks where denominated in EUR.

My goal is to feel comfortable with the investment process and stick to it, not to beat the market. 

I’m conservative. I compare the Sleepy Portfolio against the S&P 500 and the EUROSTOXX50, but I’m happy sitting in between.

  • My target allocation is 45% in EUR and 45% in USD, with maybe 10% in cash.
  • I aim to hold around 15 stocks
  • I make monthly contributions that flow into the cash section.
  • I assess its performance and make decisions on a monthly basis, the first weekend of the month. Whatever happens in between I don’t care. Useless noise!


Find here the monthly assessments!

My Portfolio – February 21

These are the positions of the Sleepy portfolio at the end of February 2021. Novelty: Apple comes into the Sleepy Portfolio.

House keeping

Keeping a close eye on your portfolio is the first step to master it. On a monthly or quarterly basis, all of us as investors, have to work out the following dilemmas:

For those who have an investment strategy, making these decisions will be easy peasy. So it’s for me. For those who still do not, I recommend to subscribe and get tips and learn how I do it on a monthly basis.

Notes & Disclaimer

This is my comprehensive personal investment portfolio. However, it does not include Pension plans or different saving accounts, or cash deposits I hold for other purposes.

Investing is risky. There is nothing in my daily life and/or in my family depending on the outcome of those investments.

The asset allocation, the target performance, and whatever other considerations made on this website are personal and can not be taken as financial advice.

Discipline is the key. Consistency wins.

Follow the Relaxed Quality Momentum strategy!

The RQM strategy provide viable investment guidance for Novice investors, who maybe have already a portfolio but don’t know how to manage it in a regular basis.

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