The Sleepy Investor

is a guy in his forties who

And You, who are you?

Let me guess. You are a DIY guy looking for investment tips and opportunities in the stock market. 

And like myself, you have already realized: Better stop trying to “get rich quick” and update your investment strategy instead.

I bought my first stock a few days after my 18th birthday breaking up the piggy bank. Since then, I’ve been always in.  I’ve made many investment mistakes and some winners as well, needless to say. And during all these years, despite all my investigations and deep analysis, I had always the feeling that my portfolio was fooled by randomness.  

However, after reading “Thinking, Fast and Slow” something finally clicked within my brain and I started focusing more on the investment process rather than on a short-term outcome. I told myself:

No more discretional research, rather an Investment strategy to feel comfortable with.

And that’s how the RQM strategy got born.

Relaxed Quality-Momentum Investment strategy

Why Relaxed?

No rush, no adventures, no adrenaline, no chasing great opportunities. Turn the stock Markets into something somehow boring.

Why Quality – Momentum?

Quality and Momentum are the biggest and most documented anomalies in the stock markets, and the drivers of the stock selection.

Relaxed investor

The Relaxed Quality-Momentum strategy is based in 3 pillars

But, who hides behind the Sleepy Investor?

My name is Gabriel, I grew up in a small Spanish city on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. I graduated in Economics and I specialized in Quantitative Finance. Then I got a job in the corporate center of a bank. Some years and a housing bubble went by, and – curious enough – a few months after I was promoted to be the “right-hand” of Chief Risk Manager, we got bankrupt.

So, with a tone of lessons learned on my backpack, I had to fly away and almost by accident I landed in Switzerland.

I have a 8 to 5 job in a large corporation. My job title says I’m a Quant. I still enjoy getting up every morning and going to the office.

Besides that, I’m a father and a tireless reader of books about economy, finance and politics. 

As said, I have been “in” the Stock Markets almost all my adult life. I strongly believe that the only way to get a deep understanding of our world is analyzing companies, incentives, markets and products. It is all about money.

And, what will you find in this site?

In this web I share mainly my personal investment system, the Relaxed Quality-Momentum Strategy. I post

  • The details of my the RQM strategy
  • Monthly Stock Picks in USA and Europe (EUR)
  • Updates of my portfolio.
  • Other personal investment experiences.

Much in debt with dozens of books and authors…

Discipline is the key. Consistency wins.

Follow the Relaxed Quality Momentum strategy!

The RQM strategy is a Quality-Momentum based stock selection system for those who want to see their portfolio growing a steady path while  investing in the best companies in USA and Europe.

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